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I am a Caribbean artist with a love for design, illustration, photography, writing and everything Carnival. My quest is to continue developing a visual language based on a Caribbean aesthetic that is representative of my culture: beautiful, diverse colourful and unique.
Join me on this journey of discovery.

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”

– Cecil B. DeMille


Currently a freelance graphic designer, I have worked in the media for over 17 years. I have experience in the area layout, for a number of different types of publications. I have also done corporate identity work inclusive of logos, letterheads, business cards etc. Package design and branding is an avenue I have experience in and enjoy. Have a look at the various types of work I have done.


Working mostly in the digital medium, there are times when I mix traditional with the digital or dust off the pencils, pens, markers and coloured pencils and go hard on some sheets of paper. In all that I do I try to further develop a visual style that I am recognised for. I am influenced by Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and Caribbean culture in general; as a result, I usually employ the use of bright, vibrant colours.


As a freelance photographer I enjoy capturing unique moments in time. Weddings, cultural events, food and nature, I try to find the spirit of the subject and let that shine through.


The Premier Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Board Game

“You can’t wait for inspiration,
you have to go after it with a club”

– Jack London