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The word “Santimanitay” is derived from the French, sans humanité, which means, without humanity or without mercy. The term is commonly used by calypsonians to punctuate their verses during extempo competitions. These extempo battles see calypsonians indulging in freestyle competition with one another in a battle of lyrical quality and wit.

Santimanitay: Race to the Stage is a board game which oftentimes, shows no mercy. One minute you can be mere moments away from winning, then suddenly be last in the race. Being able to think and adapt to change are important keys to becoming victorious.

Luck can change at the roll of the dice; 
are you ready to be a winner and claim the stage?




Santimanitay: Race to the Stage, is an action-packed board game based around Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Two to eight players compete to reach their ultimate goal - The Stage. The path to their ultimate goal is filled with challenges; players must avoid Hard Luck spaces, get past Midnight Robbers, take advantage of Warrahoon cards AND display their knowledge of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. As unpredictable as it is enjoyable, Santimanitay is a must have for anyone interested in Carnival, board games or just having fun.


Santimanitay was conceptualized as a game that captures the spirit and fun of Trinidad and Tobago while preserving important aspects of our history and culture. The game is designed for 2 to 8 players, making it suitable for any situation or occasion, from a quite evening at home to the highlight of a Friday night lime. The ability to choose characters with different attributes can give an advantage to those who may not be as familiar with Trinidad and Tobago’s culture and history, making Santimanitay universally enjoyable. From age 8 to 80, choose a character and start the race! 


Known as the greatest show on earth, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is a festival of beauty, colour, and pageantry. All aspects of Carnival have a rich and storied history; music, costuming, performance. As well-known as the festival may be, not many people know in what year the first Panorama was held, or who was the first winner of the International Soca Monarch competition, or even when the Canboulay Riots occurred in Port of Spain. Santimanitay was developed to help share and preserve this knowledge through engaging game play, memorable characters and challenging questions.


Santimanitay was conceptualized and developed by Warren Le Platte, founder of Le Platte Studios. Warren is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, and a part-time lecturer in layout, graphic design and photography. He has worked in the media for over a decade, as both layout artist and writer and has worked at two of Trinidad and Tobago’s major daily newspapers. Warren has been involved in Carnival since childhood; from playing mas to designing and constructing costumes, and has developed a deep love and appreciation for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and it’s rich history. His goal was to create a game that captured the spirit and fun of Trinidad and Tobago while preserving important aspects of the country’s history and culture. After months of development, Santimanitay was born. From the beautiful designs and illustrations to the carefully crafted trivia questions to the hilariously funny and fun characters and game play, Santimanitay is a must have in every household.

Meet the players!

All of the characters in Santimanitay have their own unique personalities making them fun and relatable!


Anil loves to lime and is the life of every
party. He is a bit of a show off and enjoys
teasing people, all in good fun of course.
Every year that Cindy has played Mas, she
has gotten to the stage late, and every year
Jerome has been there to tease her about it.
This time will be no different, he just needs
to get there first.


Notorious for always being late to
everything, Cindy has decided to make a
change. She is determined to make it to
the stage on time, so she can cross with her
section. Her added motivation is getting
there before Jerome, so she doesn’t have to
listen to his “ole talk.”


Keisha loves Mas but cannot see the logic
in only playing in one band for the entire
day. She intends to jump up with as many
Carnival bands as possible. In order to do
that she has to be at the stage early. She
needs to get there before security gets too
tight and she is forced to “wine to the side.”


Officer Arthur Baker is committed to keeping
the peace during Carnival. There have been
rumours of him having trouble staying on
his horse, a trait he may have inherited from
a distant relative. This year he will ensure
an orderly Carnival. He intends to get there
before the troublemakers.


Daniel Piper is a dedicated Associate
Native Environmental Waste Acquisition &
Monetization Enterprise Specialist. This field
is very competitive and as such he needs
to be first on site. In order to be successful
he has to ensure that he is ahead of the


Donald has visited Trinidad and Tobago many
times during Carnival. Besides the music and
costumes, he loves the food. The last time he
was here he experienced disappointment
because his favourite Corn Soup vendor had
sold out early. Donald is now in a hurry to get
his cup of Corn Soup.


Matilda is an enterprising business woman
and an amazing cook. For the past few years
she has made a name for herself as having
the best Corn Soup in the country. She sold
out in record time last year and intends to do
the same this year. She just needs to reach
early to get a good spot again.


Brittney looks forward to experiencing
Trinidad and Tobago Carnival every year.
When she’s here there’s always so much
to see and do, she doesn’t want to miss
anything. She is determined to get to the
stage as quickly as possible so she can look at
all the bands pass by. Maybe she’ll even get
the last of that delicious Corn Soup again like
last time.


After numerous play tests with people of different ages, backgrounds and even people foreign to Trinidad and Tobago and Carnival,
these are some of the comments made about the game.

"I really enjoyed it, as a visual person I am glad to see that the game looks and feels on par with anything international, and it is a great way to introduce non-local friends to a very exciting part of our culture. Kudos!”

“The game is fun, engaging and educational as well. The authentic elements come together well without losing foreigners and still enough of a challenge for those familiar with Carnival and Trini culture.”

“It can easily become a family favorite merging national trivia with family fun, and the ranges of intense emotion that goes along with family fun.”

“It was surprisingly fun to play - once the rules were read (and referred to) it was fast, engaging and very well thought out. There were no ‘gaps’ or loopholes - character backstories are coherent and convincing and the characters themselves were so vivid and colourful that they were easy to ‘own’ - to the point where real tears were shed whenever they fell victim to the many twists and turns of the unpredictable gameplay. I would definitely buy it and take it out to play at every lime - I think it’s a must for anyone looking for a smart, adult game to play with friends and bring back some childhood memories.”

“The game is cool, fun, interactive, unpredictable and is in itself a conversation piece. I had a sore loser time playing it but it all added to the gameplay. One minute you're ahead of the game and next minute you're in last place! All in all a really fun and exciting game..”

“This game is lots of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's fresh, challenging, educational, and has enough twists, turns and surprises to keep you engaged from start to finish. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and I'd highly recommend it.”